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Men Ties

Men TiesMale accessory par excellence, mens ties are born and characterize western fashion denoting social elegance and distinction on who wears them.
It is a simple strip of cloth that must be tied around the neck under the shirt collar. The utility of menswear ties that actually we can get is that this covers the buttons on the shirt strip.

Tie lengths have always been different in that two factors affect how to wear a tie: the height of the person and the node that the tie is done with. The same nodes characterize the tie: the count of all the possible variants has arrived at about 85 knots. These vary on how many passes are made.

Among the best known nodes on ties for men are:

  • Four-in-hand: four steps, the same name at the London Club of the nineteenth century. It is the most widely used today.
  • Balthus: nine steps, a really big knot, designed eponymous surrealist painter of the twentieth century
  • Andrew: seven passes, this particular node is a protrude from the neck tie slightly before falling on his chest.
  • Windsor Medium: six steps, it is a less dense version of Windsor.

A remarkable version is also the 7 folds silk tie, among the most sophisticated and important. The most relevant feature is the finish and 7 bending, that is conducted to give depth to the tie, strictly in silk.

It is an accessory that can be worn on all occasions, so that for more informal events they were made with the most varied fantasies. Tie stores are now used to display a wide array of models: coloured or plain, with dots or stripes, wide or narrow, pointed or cut, fashion matters even for a small piece of cloth and rules. The important thing is to choose it based on a style and know how to match the overall composing outfits in the best way.

Nowadays people have many choices about where to buy mens ties: classic boutiques and shops are still favourite places, but customers are increasingly incline to  buy online ties: accordind to recent trends favourite product are grey skinny tie and green blue tie.


Ultimately, here are some rules to keep in mind when you are wearing a tie:

1. it should never exceed 9 cm wide and never be lower than 8. The only exception are the knit ties, more appropriate between 6 and 7 cm.

2. Length should never exceed the waist, it must look proportional to the height.
With high-waisted trousers with braces or waistcoat request for shorter ties.

3. The rear part, the smaller one, must never be too short relative to the front. Perfection can be approached when the two parts reach the same length (or almost) touching the belt.

4. Avoid too big knots. Elegance is also proportion

5. Avoid buying lined ties with inner heavy fabrics: the more the tie is light the more it is comfortable and comfort should never be neglected

6. Never loosening a tie knot: it must adhere perfectly to the shirt collar

7. Never wear a clear tie in the evening

8. Never wear the same tie two days consecutively. When you take off your tie hang it right away or lie it on an expanse shelf. Do not store it rolled up: it will lose its original upright.