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Men’s Accessories

Men’s AccessoriesEven in men’s fashion, accessories are really important items to complete the outfit and to add personality to the outfit today.

Trends make the law in this field, especially for young men fashion, which continually varies shapes, colors and styles.

But there are also rules that go beyond fashions. The classic “elegance code” imposes some restraints in the number of accessories that should be worn. For example, an elegant man does not bring eye-catching necklaces but will always have a nice watch on his wrist and a well-coordinated neckwear: neckties, bowties, scarves and handkerchiefs clutch.

The real luxury of accessories for men is when they’re custom-made items: often synonymous of craftsmanship and tailoring in the fashion, in the case of ties and bow ties is one of the requirements that give the product exclusivity and preciousness in time. Craft ties are certainly among the distinctive items of an elegant and refined style as they never stopped being in vogue and no wonder is one of the products from Italy that really makes the difference.

Tailoring and Made in Italy are closely related, given the presence of many small family companies just like Paolo Albizzati that for decades have undertaken the best workers in the implementation of top quality ties which are made to last, beyond fashions.

Lately among male accessories are now back even bow ties, in particular the craft bow ties made in a traditional way with fabrics and unusual materials.

Finally, for a truly flawless look can not miss styling details such as the pocket square, to be worn with a classic suit or with a blazer and slacks.

Some basic rules

Here are some basic rules for properly wearing stylish mens accessories:

a. To tie the knot, whatever the style, must be of medium size, no to tiny or huge knots

b. fantasy ties require matching solid colour shirts;

c. Ties must be matched with the shirt, not the dress. If you are not a fashonist you should avoid hazards in the choice of this accessory: choose solid, spotted or striped, or a small repeating pattern.

d. When an invitation specifies "black tie", it involves having to wear a tuxedo, when it is mentioned "white tie" means a frac.

e. The pocket scarf should not have the same color of the tie.

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