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Pocket Square

Pocket square is a decorative accessory for male glamorous look, adding a colourful and smart touch to different fashion styles and attitudes. From everyday working outfit  to the tuxedo.

The Origin

The first information on the use of the pocket square – also known as pocket handkerchief  - ornamental purposes come from the 18th Century in France. It is said that the King every morning, after he had taken care of his hygiene, chose among numerous precious handkerchiefs the one that reflected his mood. Once he found the right handkerchief, he used to place it in his jacket pocket leaving him fall back like a "cascade".

From then to nowadays centuries have passed, but this decorative element has kept its characteristics intact.

Even today, the Pocket Square is (and should be) strictly made with precious materials such as silk and linen and have colorful patterns and colors of all kinds.

Paolo Albizzati with its pocket square man carries on this tradition by offering new colors and patterns in its collection. Here’s a short guide to illustrate some useful rules about this special garment.

How to wear a Pocket Square

Mens pocket squares can be used with all types of jackets, by the insertion into the breast pocket on the left, but there are a few rules to follow when you are wearing them.
The first one is to always remember that the spirit of the pocket handkerchief is to create harmony between tie, shirt and jacket.

Now two small tips for choosing the fabric of the hankerchief:

  1. if you wear a wool sport jacket (tweet, shetland, etc) you should use silk handkerchief  or, even better, silk satin shiny fabric because such stands with the opacity of the jacket.
  2. if instead it is a cotton jacket the best choice is a pocket handkerchief, also made of cotton.


How to fold a Pocket Square


There are various types of folds for a handkerchief, each of which gives a special and different look.

Fold Square

It is the most classical fold, also called "Presidential", and is also the most simple and quick to create.


1. Spread the pocket square on the table

2. Fold it in half from left to right

3. Fold again in half from the bottom upwards letting out the edge of 1-2 cm

4. Fold it horizontally to fit the width of your pocket


Fold Bouffant

This fold adds movement to your look while preserving the elegance.


1. Spread the pocket square on the table and grab the center between thumb and forefinger

2. Raise it gently

3. Grasp the bottom and fold upward


Fold Triangle (One Corner Up)

Represent types of folds are considered more "sophisticated"

1. Spread the pocket square pocket on the table

2. Fold it diagonally getting a triangle

3. Fold one corner of the base toward the center

4. Repeat for the other corner

5. Place the clutch in the pocket letting out only the top corner


Fold Triangle (Two Corner Up)

1. Spread the pocket square on the table

2. Fold it diagonally without aligning the angles getting 2 wishbone

3. Fold one corner of the base toward the center

4. Repeat for the other corner

5. Place the handkierchief in the pocket letting out the two top corners


These are just some of the ways you can fold a pocket handkerchief from.
Use your imagination and you will always find a way to wear the handkerchief  with elegance and personality!